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Thursday, July 24, 2008 Dream Project Hosting?

Well, I am always in search of new ways to host and serve code. Recently I have been using's free service more and more.

The benefits as I see them are:

  1. Mercurial hosting
  2. Ability to branch and publish any number of branches (a la launchpad)
  3. Plain web space for hosting generated documentation etc, with built-in wiki
  4. User interface entirely geared around source code
  5. I don't have to host it myself
  6. Responsive and generous developers
Now if we were to compare this to some other things, we might have: (and please correct me if I am wrong).

MercurialPublish many branchesWeb spaceWikiHosted by someone else for free
Google codeNoNoNoYesYes
Self-hosted TracYesNoYesYesNo

There are features that I would still really like, and the great developers are implementing them as we speak. The most exciting is the idea of an API where third-party applications could be written to do just about anything.

So, it's perfect for me, maybe it is perfect for you too.