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Friday, December 29, 2006

What is wrong with Berlios?

Berlios hosting was once a great replacement for Sourceforge and others. But these days it seems we have more downtime than uptime. I don't blame them (I am sure they have their reasons why nothing is ever available) but I do understand that I need something better to host my open source projects with.

While we do bug tracking, and source-code hosting with Malone and Launchpad already, there is no provision on the Launchpad for hosting distribution files, and so we have had to painfully search for alternatives.

For now we are going to go with Google code. This is not perfect for our needs, but it will replace everything we need Berlios for except for hosting the PIDA website, which can be easily arranged elsewhere.

The main pain will be updating all the links around the web that point to the Berlios website. But that will come in time, and I am sure that PIDA users are bright enough to click a redirect link!

For now the new project page is:

And we also have a new PIDA web site with fancy new domain name at:

Sorry Berlios, you just aren't making the grade.